aries Daily Prediction for 19-3-2019


Headaches are common today, even migraine and so a soothing cup of lemon balm tea or chamomile tea with freshly squeezed lemon before the headache strikes will do you good...along with no overindulging.


Sometimes we dilute our ability to deal with something by dissolving energy connected to that topic via endless chatter about it.

Personal Life

Be more diplomatic and try not to be a steamroller today as you are forceful and stubborn which acts together to make you formidable but not lovable.


Skills are honed and used with great insight and intelligence - Aries often develop skills quickly and yet do not know how to use them to their own advantage, however today you will see windows of opportunity to use these


Venus favoring your 12th house brings luck in the caring professions.


Travel to a place of retreat is favored.