capricorn Daily Prediction for 19-3-2019


If your skin is suffering dryness and irritation then something as simple as swapping to cotton and natural fibers as well as ensuring garments are rinsed properly can help.


Stop looking back and do not cultivate a guilt attitude as no emotion is as useless and draining as guilt.

Personal Life

Capricorn want to break out of a rut in terms of the way your relationship is going, but the more you try to change the more you are dragged back into unproductive ways by your partner. It's not your fault.


Capricorn are not feeling as if their luck is in right now, best to play a percentage game and stay safe until you feel you star is rising and you can influence that luck in your direction.


Mercury activated in your third house brings luck when you undertake a brave, radical decision.


Travel in connection with change and the implementation of change is favored.