leo Daily Prediction for 19-3-2019


Leo should think about reducing red meat and replacing it at least 3 times a week with chicken, fish or a veggie meal.


Getting to the heart of what you believe and how those beliefs govern your lifestyle is key to resolving the nagging questions and anxieties which plague you.

Personal Life

Doubts in new romance are normal and often necessary; do not feel guilty about pumping the brakes a little; if the other person cannot understand that, they may not be The One.


The spark is lacking today Leo and you will have to dig deep to get through the creative block - somehow things are just not flowing and work seems a chore. Trying putting things aside and coming back to them after tackling something else.


Venus favoring your 8th house indicates luck in resolving intimate issues.


Travel to end a long holiday is favored. An excellent time to wrap up a trip successfully.