libra Daily Prediction for 19-3-2019


More rest is need today and you should avoid excess communication via phone or in person as it may be a time waster and also a distraction from more important goals.


This is a time when what has been hidden suddenly becomes palpable and yet it is not yet on the surface where you can racially deal with it and Libra hate that period of waiting and yet it is essential.

Personal Life

"Is my bum big in this?" Not a day to ask that question Libra - you are focusing on the wrong things! Ask yourself what you partner really cares about and stop fixating on things which he/she pays scant attention to you and which are only projections of you own insecurity.


This is not the best day to work on projects that are arty or require a degree of lateral thinking - Libra are very precise and exacting and will be too critical of anything they produce unless it can be measured against something concrete and aesthetic and creative pursuits are often not like that.


Venus favoring your 6th house brings luck in mathematical and scientific matters.


Travel is favored when you have invested much time and money in the travel and it has a far-reaching purpose.