pisces Daily Prediction for 19-3-2019


Pisces are working very hard and while some of this work is connected with overall goals, part of it is routine work which could end up eating time out of your more aspirational work - so do not take on more than you absolutely must from other people's inboxes.


You have a great ability to sway the mood of a large group emotionally.

Personal Life

If someone you love is making excuses then ask yourself how committed they are to you and to the future of the relationship - maybe they need a shakeup, Pisces are skilled at giving off an icy wind chill factor.


Sometimes you are so focused on the future that you can miss an opportunity under your nose - be more observant of what is obvious even if it looks less exciting.


A very lucky time for psychological therapy aimed at addressing stress.


Travel to a secret and secluded place is favored.