Miscellaneous Temple Tour Packages

There are more than 3000 temples in Tamil Nadu dating back to more than 2000 years from 1700 BC where now most of them are classified as ‘World heritage Site’ by UNESCO.

  1. Srirangam (Vishnu) – 2nd Largest Temple in India
  2. Mel Maruvathoor (Easwari) – Goddess in ‘Swayambu’ (Self-grown Linga)
  3. Rameswaram (Shiva/Rama) – Linked with Ramayana
  4. Madurai Meenakshi (Easwari) –Competitor for new set of ‘World Wonders’
  5. Thiruvenkadu (Easwari) – Goddess in ‘Swayambu’ (Self-grown Linga)
  6. Samayapuram (Easwari) – Goddess in ‘Swayambu’ (Self-grown Linga)
  7. Pillayarpatti (Ganesha) – (One could see Ganesha with 2 hands only here & the other temple in Afghanistan)
  8. Srivilliputtur (Narayana/Govinda) – Birth place temple of Andal, the consort of Narayana/ Govinda, this temple tower is the emblem of Tamil Nadu State Government
  9. Thiruverkadu (Easwari)- Goddess in ‘Swayambu’ (Self-grown Linga)
  10. Serkazhi (Shiva) – One of the Chief Temples where Shiva performed the Cosmic Dance

Please note these other temples can be added along with the main Temple tours if pre-planned accordingly or a special package can also be designed.

Send us your requirement and we will customize the package according to it with literary and get back to you with a quote.

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