aries Daily Prediction for 10-7-2020


Watch out for sudden headaches or stomach upsets - health problems today come on fast and fade away quickly. Keep some headache and stomach calmers handy.


You are keen to act impulsively and you need freedom to express yourself and to work through emotions yourself, with no questions asked.

Personal Life

Aries hate being told what to do, in fact they will not accept it and may do exactly the opposite. Today you will wilfully go your own way and this will only be fuelled by opposition from your partner.


Today your high level of energy continues and you will direct this at tackling barriers to your progress. You are in no mood to take no for an answer, Aries knock on doors and make opportunities for themselves and today is a case in point.


This day brings luck in the area of imagination and creative visualization.


Travel to a place of sanctuary and retreat is favored.