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Coupon Code: HPJ2024

Description: Book your First Homa or Puja or Japa and get Flat 10% OFF


  1. This Coupon Code is Valid from 5th July 2024 Onwards until Further Notice
  2. This Coupon Code is Valid for purchase of any product from Homa, Pooja or Japa only
  3. This Coupon Code is NOT Valid on purchase of any products in Powered Homa, Special Pujas, Yantras, Divine Royalty Rituals, Astrology, Pilgrimage sections
  4. Other than the above mentioned Services/Products this Coupon Code cannot be applied on any other Services/Products offered by
  5. reserve all rights over this Coupon Code and can withdraw this offer whenever necessary
  6. This Coupon Code is Valid for all users who registers on
  7. This Coupon Code is Valid only for one product purchased on our website
  8. This Coupon Code; Per-item coupons will only work if the item is not on sale. Per-cart coupons will only work if there are items in the cart that are not on sale.
  9. If the User uses this Coupon Code with different email address multiple times or uses this code with any of the family members email id or if AstroBhava feels that this code has been misused in a way of deceit then we have the right to cancel the order and money will not be refunded to the customer

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