Rahu Ketu Transit 2023 -2025 Kumbha Rashi

Rahu & Ketu Transit for Kumbha (Aquarius) 2023-2025 

Career: Your innovation and humanitarianism will be valuable assets in your career during this transit. Focus on taking on projects that allow you to showcase your creativity and vision for a better future. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo and propose unconventional solutions, as your ability to think outside the box will be highly appreciated in any professional setting. 

Family: Family life may require a focus on independence and individuality during this time. Be open to new ways of relating to your loved ones, and encourage them to express their unique perspectives and needs. Make time for family activities that allow for both togetherness and personal space. Your ability to foster a sense of community and belonging will be appreciated by family members. 

Love and Relationships: Relationships may be centered around intellectual connection and shared ideals during this transit. Be honest about your need for freedom and autonomy, and encourage your partner to pursue their own interests and friendships as well. Single Aquarians may find themselves attracted to someone who shares their love of innovation and social justice. Focus on building a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect. 

Business: Business ventures may require a focus on technology and social responsibility during this time. Trust your instincts when it comes to developing new products or services that benefit society as a whole. Focus on building a reputation for innovation and thought leadership, and seek out opportunities that align with your values and vision for the future. Your ability to inspire and mobilize others will be valuable assets in any business setting. 

Health: Physical and mental well-being will be important focuses during this transit. Make time for regular exercise and stress-management techniques, such as deep breathing or journaling. Pay attention to any signs of anxiety or restlessness, and seek support from health professionals if needed. Focus on maintaining a balanced and socially engaged lifestyle. 

Education: Educational pursuits related to technology, social sciences, or activism may be favored during this time. Trust your intuition when it comes to choosing courses or programs, and don’t be afraid to explore subjects that resonate with your love of learning and social change. Your ability to think critically and challenge assumptions will be valuable assets in any learning environment. 

Finance: Financial innovation and experimentation may be themes during this transit. Focus on creating a budget that allows for both short-term flexibility and long-term stability. Consider investing in assets or ventures that align with your values and vision for the future. Be cautious of taking on too much risk, and don’t hesitate to seek advice from financial professionals. 


  • Donate to organizations supporting social justice or environmental causes 
  • Wear a black onyx or turquoise 

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