Rahu Ketu Transit 2023 -2025 Vrischika Rashi

Rahu & Ketu Transit for Vrishchika (Scorpio) 2023-2025 

Career: Your intensity and determination will be powerful forces in your career during this transit. Focus on taking on challenging projects that allow you to showcase your depth and resourcefulness. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself and take on leadership roles, as your ability to navigate complex situations will be highly valued in any professional setting. 

Family: Family life may require a focus on emotional honesty and transformation during this time. Be willing to confront and heal any deep-seated issues or conflicts within your family dynamic. Make time for intimate conversations and bonding experiences that allow for vulnerability and trust. Your ability to provide support and guidance will be appreciated by loved ones. 

Love and Relationships: Relationships may be intense and transformative during this transit. Be honest about your deepest desires and fears, and encourage your partner to do the same. Single Scorpios may find themselves attracted to someone who shares their love of mystery and passion. Focus on building a strong foundation of intimacy and trust. 

Business: Business ventures may require a focus on strategy and innovation during this time. Trust your instincts when it comes to making bold moves and taking calculated risks. Focus on building a reputation for excellence and integrity, and seek out opportunities that align with your long-term goals. Your ability to see beneath the surface and navigate complex situations will be valuable assets in any business setting. 

Health: Physical and emotional well-being will be important focuses during this transit. Make time for regular exercise and stress-management techniques, such as deep breathing or journaling. Pay attention to any signs of emotional or physical burnout, and seek support from health professionals if needed. Focus on maintaining a balanced and regenerative lifestyle. 

Education: Educational pursuits related to psychology, occultism, or forensic science may be favored during this time. Trust your intuition when it comes to choosing courses or programs, and don’t be afraid to explore subjects that resonate with your deep curiosity and desire for truth. Your ability to investigate and uncover hidden knowledge will be valuable assets in any learning environment. 

Finance: Financial stability and security may be priorities during this transit. Focus on creating a budget that allows for both short-term needs and long-term investments. Consider investing in assets or ventures that align with your values and long-term goals. Be cautious of taking on too much debt, and don’t hesitate to seek advice from financial professionals. 


  • Perform Durga Puja to invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga for strength, protection, and overcoming obstacles  
  • Donate to organizations supporting mental health or social welfare 
  • Wear a red coral or hessonite garnet 

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