Saturn Transit 2023 -2025 Tula Rashi

Saturn Transit for Tula (Libra) 2023 

Career: Saturn’s transit may bring challenges and obstacles in your career. You may face setbacks, delays, or increased responsibilities at work. It’s important to stay patient, diplomatic, and persistent during this time. Focus on developing your skills, knowledge, and expertise in your field. Avoid making impulsive decisions or changes in your career path. Stay committed to your long-term goals and be willing to put in the necessary effort to overcome any hurdles. 

Family: Your family life may experience some tensions or challenges during this transit. You may find yourself trying to balance your personal needs with the demands of your family. It’s important to maintain open and honest communication with your loved ones. Be patient, understanding, and fair in your dealings with family members. Avoid taking sides in family conflicts and strive to be a peacemaker. Focus on fostering a harmonious and supportive family environment. 

Love and Relationship: Saturn’s transit can bring some tests and challenges in your romantic relationships. You may face issues related to commitment, trust, or emotional intimacy. It’s important to be honest and transparent with your partner about your feelings and expectations. Work on strengthening your communication skills and be willing to compromise when necessary. Single individuals may find it challenging to start new relationships during this time. Focus on self-improvement and personal growth. 

Business: Business owners may face some obstacles and setbacks during this transit. You may encounter challenges related to partnerships, legal issues, or competition in your industry. It’s important to stay focused, adaptable, and resilient. Re-evaluate your business strategies and make necessary adjustments. Be cautious with investments and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Seek advice from mentors or professionals in your field. Stay updated with market trends and be ready to pivot your approach if needed. 

Health: Pay attention to your physical and mental well-being during this transit. You may be more prone to stress, anxiety, or health issues related to the lower back or kidneys. Engage in regular exercise, maintain a balanced diet, and prioritize self-care. Practice stress-management techniques like yoga, meditation, or aromatherapy. Avoid overindulging in unhealthy habits. Seek medical advice if you experience any persistent health concerns. 

Education: Students may face some challenges or obstacles in their educational pursuits during this transit. You may find it difficult to concentrate, stay motivated, or manage your workload. It’s important to stay disciplined, organized, and committed to your studies. Seek guidance and support from teachers, tutors, or mentors when needed. Avoid procrastination and maintain a consistent study schedule. Stay focused on your long-term educational goals and persevere through any difficulties. 

Finance: Exercise caution and prudence with your finances during this transit. Avoid overspending or making impulsive financial decisions. Focus on budgeting, saving, and long-term financial planning. Be cautious with investments and seek advice from financial experts if needed. Avoid taking on excessive debt or financial obligations. Work towards building a stable financial foundation and creating a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. 


  • Perform Shukra Puja to offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi 
  • Chant the Shukra Mantra daily 
  • Donate white clothing or objects to the needy on Fridays 

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