Bharani Nakshatra Mantra 

Bharani Gayatri Mantra in English  

Om Yamaya Twa Makhaya Twa Suryasya Twa
Tapase Devastwa Savita Madhwa Navatu |
Prithivya Samsprisspahi Archirasi Souchirasi Taposi || 

Bharani Gayatri Mantra in Sanskrit  

ॐ यमाय त्व मखाय त्व सूर्यस्य त्व
तपसे देवस्त्व सविता मध्वा नवतु |
पृथिव्या संस्प्रिस्स्पहि अर्चिरसि सौचिरसि तपोसि || 

Bharani Gayatri Mantra in Tamil  

ஓம் யமாய த்வ மகாய த்வ சூர்யஸ்ய த்வ
தபஸே தேவஸ்த்வ ஸவிதா மத்வா நவது |
பிருதிவ்யா ஸம்ஸ்ப்ரிஸ்ஸ்பஹி அர்சிரசி சௌசிரசி தபோசி || 

Bharani Gayatri Mantra in Malayalam  

ഓം യമായ ത്വ മഖായ ത്വ സൂര്യസ്യ ത്വ
തപസേ ദേവസ്ത്വ സവിഥാ മധ്വാ നവതു |
പൃഥിവ്യാ സംസ്പ്രിസ്സ്പഹി അർച്ചിരസി സൗചിരസി തപോസി || 

Bharani Gayatri Mantra in Telugu  

ఓం యమాయ త్వ మఖాయ త్వ సూర్యస్య త్వ
తపసే దేవస్త్వ సవితా మధ్వా నవతు |
పృథివ్యా సంస్ప్రిస్స్పహి అర్చిరసి సౌచిరసి తపోసి || 

Bharani Gayatri Mantra in Kannada  

ಓಂ ಯಮಾಯ ತ್ವ ಮಖಾಯ ತ್ವ ಸೂರ್ಯಸ್ಯ ತ್ವ
ತಪಸೇ ದೇವಸ್ತ್ವ ಸವಿತಾ ಮಧ್ವಾ ನವತು |
ಪೃಥಿವ್ಯಾ ಸಂಸ್ಪ್ರಿಸ್ಸ್ಪಹಿ ಅರ್ಚಿರಸಿ ಸೌಚಿರಸಿ ತಪೋಸಿ || 

Bharani Beej Mantra in English  

Om Yamaya Namah 

Bharani Beej Mantra in Sanskrit  

ॐ यमाय नमः 

Bharani Beej Mantra in Tamil  

ஓம் யமாய நம: 

Bharani Beej Mantra in Malayalam  

ഓം യമായ നമഃ 

Bharani Beej Mantra in Telugu  

ఓం యమాయ నమః 

Bharani Beej Mantra in Kannada 

 ಓಂ ಯಮಾಯ ನಮಃ 

Meaning of the Mantra 

The Bharani Gayatri Mantra is a powerful invocation dedicated to the deity Yama, the god of death and dharma. The mantra translates to: “Om, you are the son of the sun, you are the embodiment of sacrifice. May the god Savita protect us with sweetness. You are in the earth, in light, in purity, and in penance.” This mantra is chanted to seek Yama’s blessings for righteous living, protection, and spiritual growth. 

Meaning of Each Syllable of the Mantra 

  • Om: The primordial sound, representing the universe and the essence of the divine. 
  • Yamaya: Referring to Yama, the god of death and dharma. 
  • Twa: You. 
  • Makhaya: Embodiment of sacrifice. 
  • Suryasya: Son of the Sun. 
  • Tapase: For penance. 
  • Devastwa: God. 
  • Savita: Another name for the Sun God. 
  • Madhwa: Sweetness. 
  • Navatu: Protect. 
  • Prithivya: In the earth. 
  • Samsprisspahi: Touch or be present. 
  • Archirasi: In light. 
  • Souchirasi: In purity. 
  • Taposi: In penance. 

Benefits of the Bharani Mantra 

  • Promotes Righteous Living The mantra invokes Yama’s blessings for a life of dharma and righteousness. 
  • Provides Protection Chanting the mantra provides protection from negative influences and harmful energies. 
  • Enhances Spiritual Growth The mantra fosters spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the divine. 
  • Improves Mental Clarity It helps improve mental clarity and focus, aiding in decision-making and wisdom. 
  • Strengthens Moral Integrity The mantra enhances moral integrity and ethical behavior. 
  • Encourages Discipline Regular chanting promotes discipline and dedication in personal and spiritual practices. 

Procedure to Chant the Mantra 

Aspect Details 
Direction Face south while chanting the mantra, as it is associated with Yama. 
Posture Sit in a comfortable and stable posture, preferably Padmasana or Sukhasana. 
Pranayama Perform deep breathing exercises before chanting to calm the mind and prepare the body. 
Mala Use a Rudraksha or crystal mala to keep count of the repetitions. 
Repetitions Chant the mantra 108 times daily. 
Concentration Focus on the image or symbol of Yama while chanting. 
Consistency Practice chanting daily at the same time to cultivate a habit and maintain consistency. 

Mantra Dedicated to Yama 

The Bharani Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to Yama, the god of death and dharma. Yama is revered as the lord of justice and the ultimate enforcer of dharma (righteousness). This mantra seeks Yama’s blessings for protection, righteous living, and spiritual growth. By chanting this mantra, devotees aim to invoke Yama’s divine energy, ensuring a life of integrity, protection from negativity, and spiritual enlightenment. 

Description of Yama 

Yama is the Hindu god of death and the ruler of the underworld. He is also known as Dharmaraja, the king of righteousness. Yama is depicted as a stern yet fair deity who judges the souls of the dead and determines their fate in the afterlife based on their deeds in the mortal world. He is often shown riding a buffalo, holding a noose and a mace, symbols of his authority over life and death. Yama is considered the guardian of moral order and the enforcer of dharma. Worshipping Yama brings protection, moral integrity, and guidance in leading a righteous life. Devotees seek his blessings for strength to overcome challenges, clarity in decision-making, and adherence to ethical principles. Yama’s divine presence is invoked to ensure justice, balance, and harmony in one’s life, fostering spiritual growth and a deeper connection with the divine. 


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